Periodic maintenance

Properly preparing your ship on the winter and summer saves repairs and money.

On the outside the ships are often spick-and-span. Often forgotten or by saving skipped is one of the most important points namely: the engine and driving mechanism. Boat owners do not know that this can cost a lot of money in the long run.

We regularly come across the original fuel filters on a boat with more than 1000 hours. These filters are often completely clogged. This brings the risk that you are crossing a lake and halfway through your motor fails because the filters are clogged.

Also the impeller is often skipped, although this is an important part. If your impeller fails, your motor can not cool whereby the motor runs hot with all that this implies.

At our yard we have knowledgeable staff who would like to perform this work for you.

Pedro or no Pedro, large yacht or small boat, it makes no difference for us!