Boat transport

Experience in transporting your boat

For reliable boat transport you have come to the right place. We have been transporting boats throughout Europe for almost 50 years. You will find our Pedro truck with low loader everywhere, specially equipped for transporting all conceivable boats and yachts. You can also contact us for boat transport by road and boat transport by water. We guarantee a safe arrival at the final destination. Want to know more about boat transport? Read more below!


Specialist in boat transport

Pedro Boat has delivered the most diverse yachts and boats on location in recent decades and is now a specialist in boat transport. We operate throughout Europe and have a team of truck drivers. All have the necessary permits for boat transport throughout the continent.

We are happy to relieve you from A to Z. That is why we also take care of preparing the transport of your boat and also take care of the hoisting work. Feel free to call us to discuss the possibilities for boat transport!

Vrachtwagen tunnel

Why Pedro-Boat for your boat transport?

Enlisting Pedro-Boat for your boat transport offers many advantages, which we list below:

  • Our drivers have all the necessary papers for heavy and special transport.
  • In addition, we have all licenses for Europe. These are included in the price. This also applies to escorting and, where necessary, a police escort of your boat or yacht.
  • We make sure everything is set up so that your boat is lifted and secured efficiently.
  • You can choose between land and water transportation.
  • Almost 50 years of experience with boat and yacht transport.
  • We guarantee a safe arrival at the desired location in Europe.

So whether it concerns transport within the Netherlands or international boat transport, at Pedro-Boat you are assured of high quality, craftsmanship and years of experience.

Boat transport with crane

For the safe transport of your yacht, we naturally have all the necessary materials and vehicles. For example, we are specialized in boat transport with a crane, where we fully prepare your boat or yacht to be moved with a crane. We also have trailers and the Pedro truck with low loader.

Are you curious about our working method, the materials or vehicles that we use to transport your yacht or boat? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.

Boat transport by road

Are you looking for a transport company that offers boat transport by road? Use Pedro-Boat’s transport service. We transport both small boats and large yachts to the desired destination within Europe. Is a police escort required when transporting your yacht? No problem, we will arrange this for you.

How does road boat transport work? A trailer is placed along the quay, after which the boat is placed on the trailer with a crane. Our drivers can then easily determine the fastest route to the final destination.

Boat transport over water

Would you rather have your boat transported over the water? That is also always possible. Please note that two options can be chosen for transport by water. The first option is that your boat is sailed by one of our skippers. So you don’t have to sail yourself. It is only important that you are present at the departure destination.

You can also have your boat or yacht towed or pushed to the desired location. Often the term ‘yacht delivery‘ is used here used for. Your yacht or boat is therefore not sailed by you or a skipper, but is transported over water to the desired destination via a pushing or towing technique.

Boat transport costs

Before you engage us for your boat transport, you naturally want to be informed about what it will cost you. The price of our boat transport service depends on a number of factors.

The most important factors are the distance to be traveled, the dimensions of your boat, the permits required and the way your boat is transported. Feel free to call us and request a price indication for your boat transport.

Boat transport by Pedro Boat

Do you have any questions about boat transport via Pedro-Boat? Feel free to contact today for more information. We would be happy to explain the options and inform you about the prices, so that you know exactly where you stand. Have you taken the plunge and would you like to use our transport service? Then book your boat transport immediately!