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Buying a new Pedro

Are you considering of buying a new Pedro yacht? You can do so exclusively at Pedro-Boat. You can choose from a diverse range of different yachts. Buying a new yacht has several advantages:

  • No hidden defects;
  • Valid warranty period;
  • Personal preferences to be carried through;
  • Luxurious feeling;
  • Good investment.

Buying a new Pedro yacht has many other advantages besides the great pleasure you will get from it. The security of buying a new Pedro boat appeals to many of our customers. And, of course, being able to personalise the yacht also brings a luxurious feeling. Finally, it is good to know that a Pedro boat is a good investment because it is very stable in value.


The various Pedro models

Over the years, Pedro-Boat has developed various Pedro boats. In the overview above, you will find all possible models. Depending on your wishes, there is always a suitable Pedro boat. Do you go for one of our popular Pedro Donky models, our newest model the Pedro Vendaval 48, or for a modern Pedro Levanto. There are also many other motor yachts in our product line, which you can come and view in our showroom.

But besides these luxurious and fast motor yachts, Pedro-Boat has also developed various models for more comfort on the water. Take a look at our Pedro Liberty models or the Pedro H2home editions. These boats are aimed at offering the luxury and comfort of a full home on the water. When you enter these boats, you won’t want to go home! If you have any questions about which Pedro boats suits you the best, please feel free to contact us!


How do I buy a new Pedro yacht?

At Pedro-Boat, you can buy a new Pedro at any time. At Pedro-Boat, new yachts are only made on an order basis. We discuss your wishes, preferences and requirements with you. After making a down payment, the new Pedro yacht is made for you based on this information. This way, you will have a yacht that fully meets your expectations and that you can enjoy for many years to come. Would you like to discuss the options for a new Pedro yacht? That is possible! Please contact us without obligation.


Find your favorite Pedro boat!

Every Pedro boat model is unique and offers comfort and luxury. In our showroom you can come and take a detailed look at the various models. Plan an appointment with our advisors so that we can provide you with all the necessary information during your visit to our showroom. Are you not looking for a new yacht but rather an occasion yacht? Then take a look at the second-hand boats. These can also be viewed at our showroom.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning the Pedro boats, the new-build options or our other services.