Repair boat

Over the years we have provided many boat refits, including engine overhauls, upholstery, ship paneling and even complex technical installations. We would be happy to listen to your wishes and ensure that your yacht is restored to its former glory!

What exactly does a refit of your boat entail?

What exactly is a refit of your boat? ‘Refit’ is a commonly used term in yacht building. Refit can be translated from English to ‘recovery’. A boat refit includes all kinds of work intended to renew your boat.

A boat refit includes all kinds of activities such as replacing technical installations, installing new equipment, paintingwork, repainting a boat or, for example, overhauling or even replacing the engine. Other parts of your boat can also be replaced or repaired. Think of windows, the deck, the railing, the ship’s paneling, the windows or the hatches.

And finally, many of the activities of a boat refit are also carried out by the sailmaker . This often involves restoring or replacing the upholstery, upholstery and sails. These aesthetic aspects are often not unimportant for boat owners and can provide a completely new look for the interior. By means of a well-maintained refit, you can enjoy a boat that is as good as new for years to come!


Refit boat – we master all disciplines

You can contact us for a complete refit of your boat or just a small part. For many decades we have been welcoming boat enthusiasts from far and wide. That is why we have become specialized in all types of boat refits.

Whatever you want to use us for, we are happy to relieve you from A to Z. This way you are assured of the highest possible care and expertise! Do you have any questions, or would you like to request a no-obligation quote for refitting your yacht? Please fill in the contact form below! Our specialists will get back to you shortly.

Are you not completely clear on what needs to be done? Our professionals are happy to provide you with sound advice. Then the refit of your boat can be professionally taken care of by us!

A good boat refit requires specialist knowledge

Unlike new-build ships, a boat refit requires specialist knowledge to modify or replace existing construction without compromising quality. During a refit, your boat is checked for technical and aesthetic aspects and defects.

Obsolete or worn parts should be replaced without loss of functionality. The aim is to maintain or even improve the quality of your boat’s components. Parts that are replaced must be professionally dismantled and removed. Installing new parts on a boat can require highly specialized knowledge.

Pedro Boat’s craftsmen have this knowledge and will keep you informed of the status of your boat at all times. In this way you can decide for yourself what you want to replace and what you want to keep and you can enjoy many years of sailing pleasure after the refit of your boat.