Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a Pedro, but we would like you to do major maintenance on our boat. Are you able to carry out maintenance for other brands?

Pedro-Boat employs craftsmen in all sorts of aspects of yacht building, from steel workers to painters, carpenters, and engineers. There are very few maintenance works we cannot do, including for other brands and types of boat.

I’m looking for a place to store my yacht. Is that possible at Pedro-Boat?

We have a large winter-storage hall available. If your boat weighs less than 35 tonnes, you can store your boat in our hall. The costs are surprisingly low, and you can find our rates on this site.

Can I do jobs on my boat in the winter-storage hall?

Unfortunately not, due to safety considerations and the possible damage to other boats this is not possible in our hall. We do offer the ability to work on your own boat, you can rent a (part of a) shed where you can perform this work .

My boat needs a new coat of varnish. Is Pedro-Boat able to do the spray work?

Yes, we have a modern spray cabin for that type of work. We can also ensure that your boat is blasted.

The layout of my boat no longer meets my needs. Are you able to produce a new layout?

Yes, we also renovate boat interiors. We will look at the possibilities in consultation with you.

The soft-top hood and dodger of my Pedro could do with replacing. Are you able to supply from stock?

We can supply a new soft-top hood and dodger for your boat. However, they are made to measure and therefore we do not have them in stock. You will need to visit us with your boat, so we can take the necessary measurements. This applies not only to Pedro’s, but also for other brands. For the Pedro’s there is also the possibility of sending the construction number or the hood to us, but that gives less guarantee of a perfect end result.. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The upholstery of my boat is worn out. Are you able to supply new upholstery?

Yes, we have a special department that produces upholstery and curtains. You can come with your boat, so we can take the necessary measurements. New curtains and upholstery quickly give a boat a completely new look.

I have the opportunity to buy a boat and the seller says it is a Pedro. How do I recognise a real Pedro?

A Pedro always has a construction number. You will find this construction number on the keel and on the construction number plate in the boat. Do contact us if you are in doubt.

The engine of my boat needs an overhaul. Are you able to do this?

Yes, our engineers can overhaul almost every brand of engine. Both diesel and petrol engines.