Service on location

Are you in the harbor with your boat and need service?
Would you like to drive, but your engine won’t start?
Are you the proud owner of a Pedro and would you prefer that only a specialist from the Pedro shipyard carries out your repairs on the boat? Whatever the reason… if you need us on location, we’ll come to you!

Even if you always maintain your ship well, it can happen that you need a specialist. To avoid trouble during the boating season, we help you with on-site service and repairs. Our on-site work is unique. Our mobile service team offers many different works to think of:

  • Repairs of various interior and exterior engines.
  • Repairs ship systems (plumbing, electricity, batteries, etc.).
  • Positioning of the windows.
  • Installing shafts and screws.
  • Regular maintenance.
  • Small repairs.
  • Technical inspections.
  • make the boat seaworthy (antifouling application, engine inspection, etc.).
  • Changes and reconstructions.
  • Removal of scratches and damage.

Is what you want not on this list? These are just a few examples. If you contact us, we will discuss your wishes together and come to you!

Our technicians are very competent and quality is what we strive for at all times!

Are you too busy with work to clean your boat? For this we come to you and clean the ship so that you can go on the water with a sparkling ship!

Most companies use a border area. Our mobile service technicians travel over land and sea when necessary.