Boat maintenance

Are you looking for a reliable party where you can have boat maintenance carried out? At Pedro-Boat we are happy to help you! You can contact us for periodic maintenance and overhaul. Our craftsmen are also available for on-site boat maintenance. Want to know more about boat maintenance at Pedro-Boat? Then read on quickly!

Periodic boat maintenance – extends the life of your boat and prevents expensive repairs

By having periodic boat maintenance carried out by the professionals of Pedro-Boat, we guarantee years of carefree sailing pleasure. Like all motor vehicles, your boat also needs regular maintenance!

Parts age, wear out or can even be damaged by some circumstances. To prevent parts from being irreparably damaged or the cost of a repair running into considerable paperwork, you can opt for periodic boat maintenance.



Examples of periodic boat maintenance

On the outside, the ships are often spick and span and it is chosen to skip periodic boat maintenance. Yet a few of the most important points are often forgotten, namely; the engine and drivetrain. Boat owners don’t know that this can end up costing a lot of money.

We regularly come across the original fuel filters on a boat with more than 1000 sailing hours. These filters are often completely closed. As a result, you run the risk that your engine will fail halfway through the lake due to the clogged filters.

The impeller is also often skipped, while if it breaks your engine will no longer get cooling, causing the engine to run hot with all its consequences.

At our yard we have expert staff who are happy to carry out this work for you. Pedro or no Pedro, big ship or small boat, it makes no difference to us! Contact us now for periodic boat maintenance at Pedro-Boat.

Maintenance on your boat on location

In addition to periodic maintenance, Pedro-Boat also offers on-site maintenance for your boat! Are you moored in a harbor with your boat and want maintenance? You fancy a day of sailing but your engine won’t start? Don’t see an option to come to us? Or would you prefer Pedro-Boat’s craftsmen to carry out the yacht maintenance at your location? Whatever the reason, our professionals will be happy to visit you.

We help you with service on location so that you can enjoy the sailing season without annoyances or hindrance. Maintenance on your boat is not location-bound!

Examples of on-site maintenance

Our mobile service team is unique and performs various activities on location. Examples of these activities are:

  • Periodic maintenance;
  • Minor maintenance;
  • Technical inspection;
  • Preparing the boat for sailing
  • Repairs

These are just a few examples of the work we can do for you on location. Is the desired yacht maintenance not listed? Contact us to find out what we can do for you. And not only do we carry out boat maintenance on location, we can also help you with repairs on location.

Boot reparatie


High quality boat maintenance

At Pedro-Boat you can be sure that quality is delivered. Regardless of what work you have us carry out, our professionals are extremely knowledgeable and ensure that you can get back on the water with peace of mind.

Most companies use a border area. Our mobile service technicians travel city and country and go where we are called in to carry out boat maintenance.