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Are you looking for a sailmaker in Heerenveen? Pedro Boat has been drawing, cutting, pasting, stitching and assembling the most beautiful covers, rugs and sails for more than 50 years. Everything is custom made in our sailmaker in Zuidbroek, which can be reached within an hour from Heerenveen. Let our sailmakers provide you with sound advice by telephone, or visit our sailmaker from Heerenveen!

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Zeilmakerij Heerenveen – widely specialized

Over the years, our sailmakers have custom made the most diverse hoods, rugs and sails. That is why we have been able to specialize broadly. In our sailmaker near Heerenveen you can go for:

  • Spray hoods
  • Convertible tops
  • Biminis
  • Steeringcloths
  • Tarpaulins
  • Winter rugs
  • Upholstery

Do you need sound advice, or would you like to receive a non-binding yacht inspection? Please feel free to contact one of our sailmakers from Heerenveen by phone!

Our sailmakers make it to measure near Heerenveen

Our years of experience teach us that customization is a requirement. Sailmakers would be happy to talk to you about the possibilities in our sailmaker near Heerenveen. Are you perhaps looking for a boat cover that matches the shapes and lines of your yacht? We provide a design that meets your wishes and expectations, with which all functionalities are captured. Attention is also paid to all details, so that everything fits together beautifully in terms of fabrics and use of color. The end result is a boat cover with which you can safely enjoy many years of boating!

Perhaps you are considering calling in a specialist for a custom-made boat cover. We are also happy to relieve you of that. In addition to the beautiful designs, we are also known for the material we use. The highest quality is what you can expect from us. The material used for our boat covers is sturdy and waterproof, so you can enjoy a long life with your brand new boat covers. Would you like to receive more information. Please feel free to contact us by phone from Heerenveen.

Call us for your yacht upholstery

Do your pillows, curtains and mattresses need to be replaced? We have been (re)upholstering near Heerenveen for many years in our sailmaker. Everything must connect. That is why our designs devise the colours, fabrics and designs for you and after approval we tailor everything for you.

Have you already thought everything out and would you like to discuss the possibilities? Almost everything is possible. We would like to talk to you! Please feel free to contact us by phone so that we can get to work for you as soon as possible.


Repair and cleaning

In addition to custom hoods, rugs, sails and yacht upholstery, you can also call on us for repairing and cleaning your yacht. Both should be performed regularly. For professional cleaning, please call us or visit our sailmaker near Heerenveen. Our craftsmen ensure that your yacht is professionally cleaned and that the necessary areas are impregnated. Impregnation promotes the watertight and moisture-resistant properties of the material, so that you can sail carefree for longer!

Do you doubt whether it is time to have your yacht repaired? Then feel free to contact us for a non-binding yacht inspection. Because your yacht is in contact with the most diverse weather influences 24/7, it is only a matter of time before loose seams and leaks occur. Prevention is of course better than cure. So please contact us as soon as possible so that we can inspect your yacht and repair everything efficiently and professionally. Please call for more information!

Call our sailmaker from Heerenveen

Have you already decided and would you like to engage us for custom roofing, dressing or sailing? Then feel free to call our sailmaker, or visit us. We are also happy to talk to you if you need a yacht inspection without obligation!

If you need sound advice, you can also call us. We are happy to help you on your way, so that you are well informed before you visit our sailmaker from Heerenveen.


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